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Set 197

1. Cool
Only in an Uchiha clan household can fire be considered 'cool.'

2. Question
When it comes to the mysteries of the universe, the answers are not nearly as exciting as the questions you haven't even thought to ask.

3. Lover
Minoru never longed for a lover in his bed; to be honest, he never longed for a bed either.

4. Watch
It was disgusting to watch someone regurgitate themselves on the battlefield, but given that the watcher probably caused the otherwise fatal injury, Minoru didn't particularly care.

5. Master
Again, he was accused of being a demon spawn - but that's to be expected when your masters have forked tongues and slither across the ground.

6. Foreign
Minoru spends so much of this time traveling between worlds that whenever he does return home, his birth village often feels like a foreign land and he like a stranger.

7. Wink
The minute Isamu winked, Minoru knew he'd fallen into one of his brother's traps and was about to be drenched via water jutsu.

8. Weak
Minoru was weak in strategic thinking, but thankfully he somehow made up for it in strength, stamina and a startling ability to not get himself killed.

9. Cute
The little snake was cute, and he still held that opinion even after it bit him twice.

10. Sword
While he could handle the sword and shuriken, he was far more comfortable fighting with just hands and feet.